What is Dog Oil?

Mason’s Dog Oil is for people to use wherever massage is beneficial. It has been made by our family since 1920, starting with “Owd Bob” of Dukinfield, whose original recipe book has been handed down through generations. Testament to Dog Oil’s earlier fame in the North of England is the “Dog Fat Song”, which can still be heard sung in Folk clubs.

Do you use dogs in it?

No. We can’t run fast enough to catch them!

Are there any animal products in Dog Oil?

No. Dog Oil is a blend of rape oil and petroleum jelly.

Can you use it on animals?

Yes. It was originally used for massaging racing dogs, hence the name. It is still used for dogs and horses.

Is it tested on animals?

No. People have used Dog Oil for at least 90 years with no ill effects.

Who else uses it?

Many athletes, including long distance runners, tri-athletes, cyclists, wrestlers, rugby and football teams, find Dog Oil helps them warm up muscles before taking part in sport, ease their muscles and joints afterwards and aid physiotherapy on damaged muscles, tendons and joints. See Successes for other uses of this remarkable recipe.

How do I use it?

Rub it into the affected joints or muscles twice a day (more if possible) and massage in thoroughly. It is particularly beneficial after a warm bath. As it is difficult to massage one`s own shoulders or back, we recommend that you ask someone to help in those cases. Many physiotherapists having started using Dog Oil as a result of such requests from patients.

What about allergies or contra-indications?

So far, we have found four users who are allergic to one of the oils in Dog Oil, probably the rape oil. This is about 1 in 500,000 people and we recommend that if you do have an adverse reaction you stop use and see a doctor. One horse has been reported as being allergic to Dog Oil so we recommend that you try it first on a small area of skin.