New to NZ from the UK!’
Pain is a signal – our body uses to pain to tell us that it needs attention and that action is required now. If ignored, the pressure point of the pain trigger can cause lockups where our body tries to isolate areas from further problems which can lead to more serious issues such a long-term immobility and degenerative diseases, such as arthritis. Massage brings healing and life-giving blood, and releases tension and immobility from problem areas such as our knees and back. It rejuvenates weak muscles, lubricates and mobilises tight and locked up joints, and promotes wellbeing.

•  100% natural ingredients
•  Effective relief from joint aches and pains
•  Perfect viscosity for massage
•  Odourless and GMO free
•  Not tested on animals
•  No artificial preservatives

Dog Oil is believed to have originated around 1890 in the USA. Until recently the same family has been making Dog Oil in England since at least 1920 and the secret has been handed down through the generations from ‘Owd Bob’ a pet shop owner from Cheshire.

The recipe is written in ‘Owd Bobs’ notebook of pet remedies, and was originally used for massaging racing dogs before and after the races. Race dog owners soon found that after applying Dog Oil to their greyhounds, pain they’d had in their hands had disappeared, from then to the present day Dog Oil has continued to help soothe tired muscles and joints and provide relief from rheumatic pain.

Dog Oil is 100% natural, packed full of omegas 3, 6 and 9, made solely from vegetable oil and mineral oil, with no added ingredients at all. It is not tested on animals, is completely odourless, free from GMOs and is the perfect viscosity for massage.

Most of us are aware of the importance of exercise; it’s great for our heart, helps with weight loss and provides a variety of health related benefits. However with exercise comes risk of injury, and depending on the activity you’re doing it can put a lot of stress on your joints and may lead to problems later on in life. We are not saying don’t exercise; rather look after yourself before and after activities. Many of us are familiar with a good warm down, stretches and a protein shake… yet most of us neglect our joints. Massage has been proven to benefit joints both post and pre exercise. For hundreds of years, people have received tremendous benefits from massage. Whether by the release of tight, knotted muscles; or the remobilising of joints and connective tissue, enabling more freedom of movement; or simply the stimulation of blood flow promoting health across the entire body in innumerable ways or providing an overwhelming sense of relaxation.